Bosch Repair Pro Provides Exceptional Bosch Freezer Maintenance and Repair


The freezer has come a long way from the days of it was merely an “ice box” that cooled by a strategically placed block of ice.  Today, Bosch has perfected its vast line of refrigerators and incorporated bottom freezers.


Ranging from $1,500 to $7,500 in price, today’s cooling and freezing devices come with intricate circuitry to regulate temperature, maintain a perfect cooling ambient with programmed amounts of moisture by section. Bosch Repair Pro is factory-certified to repair the full range of Bosch cooling and freezing appliances.


Bosch built-in refrigerators are available in French door, bottom freezer and custom panel options. Each offers beautiful LED lighting, dual evaporators which keep your food fresh and are ENERGY STAR® qualified. As with all home appliances, Bosch Repair Pro is Bosch trained and certified in repair of its cooling and freezing systems.


Among the many Bosch refrigerators is the brand’s counter-depth French door refrigerator and smaller, space-friendly 24″ refrigerator with bottom freezer.


The 24” wide counter-depth refrigerators – with an integrated bottom freezer — were designed to deliver a clean, built-in look in your kitchen. These Bosch refrigerator/freezer combos easily fill the gap left between standard-height counter-depth refrigerators and standard cabinetry.  


The slender sleek refrigerator/freezer combo makes these Bosch units perfect for compact kitchens in lofts, condos and cottages. They also make a great bar refrigerator.


The refrigerator and freezer sections are cooled with separate compressors and evaporators to ensure accurate temperature control and fresher. Bosch VitaFresh® technology maintains the optimal temperature and humidity levels automatically allowing produce to stay fresher, longer and frozen items to remain fresh without even a hint of freezer burn.


The line of Bosch 24″ stainless steel and glass door refrigerators have been awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2016 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award, in recognition of their potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


It is easy for us to become less mindful of how home appliances ensure ease of living until they break down. Then, when they do, we realize how much we rely on them. This is precisely why it is important to schedule planned maintenance or call Bosch Repair Pro at the first sign of home appliance distress.


Even though German-engineered Bosch home appliances are seldom in need of repair, like anything mechanical, Bosch range parts may become strained and wear out.

Families move or remodel and home appliances may be shuffled from one residence to the next and Bosch appliances may be relocated from one residence or remodeled section to then next.


When your Bosch appliances need reinstallation, maintenance or repair, Bosch Repair Pro is the top home appliance repair company in Southern California that offers a 100% guarantee on parts and labor and can typically provide same-day care.


Despite the rigorous quality checks that each Bosch appliances must endure before leaving the factory, over time like any mechanical device, your Bosch home appliance may require troubleshooting or tune-up. A quick call to an Bosch Repair Pro dispatcher will ensure that a qualified, factory-trained and certified appliance repair technician will soon be at your door.  


Do you hear clicking? Does your refrigerator door close incompletely? Is your ice maker gurgling when it fills? Is your ice watery? Does something not feel or smell right with your Bosch refrigerator? It happens. And when it does, it is time to call Bosch Repair Pro.


 Bosch Repair Pro appliance technicians are Bosch-certified and are held to the highest level of professional integrity. Our name equals our reputation and we are intent to remain Southern California’s foremost provider or appliance installation, repair and maintenance for the complete line of Bosch products.