Bosch Repair Pro Provides Exceptional Bosch Dishwasher Installation, Maintenance and Repair by Bosch-certified Appliance Technicians

A rare breed of culinary expert chooses Bosch appliances for cooking and cleaning. When busy cooks clean as they go, there is nothing more appealing that a Bosch dishwasher to help with cleanup. The new MyWay rack on the Bosch dishwasher provides additional loading space and is perfect for utensils, spatulas, mixing and cereal bowls and the daily accoutrements required to make a good meal great.

Whether you’re a family of two starting out, a typical family or a household that lives to entertain, there’s a Bosch dishwasher for everyone and when your exceptional appliance needs maintenance or repair, Bosch Repair Pro is the top appliance repair company in Southern California that offers a 100% guarantee on parts and labor and can typically provide same-day care.

German-engineered Bosch refrigerators are sleek, cabinet-flush and European-designed. Bosch dishwashers feature up to three racks of flexible loading space and incorporate 18 unique sound reducing technologies, making Bosch the quietest dishwasher in North America. They are so quiet that Bosch has added a light to let you know when a washing cycle is running.

Bosch dishwashers come with a built-in water softener and both 18” and 24” Bosch dishwashers are ADA compliant and are uniquely designed for customers with special height requirements and feature sophisticated technologies for quiet operation and exceptional operation.

Despite the 485 rigorous quality checks that each Bosch dishwasher must endure before leaving the factory, over time like any mechanical device, Bosch dishwashers may require troubleshooting or tune-up. When mechanical parts break and repair is needed, a quick call to an Bosch Repair Pro dispatcher will ensure that a qualified, factory-trained and certified appliance repair technician will soon be at your door.

Often, people call us to ask why their brand new Bosch has water spots. The answer is simple. It has been thoroughly tested prior to shipping to ensure product integrity.

Here are a few of the questions commonly asked about Bosch dishwashers:

  • Is there a particular way in which a Bosch dishwasher should be loaded? The answer is no. The Bosch Benchmark® series offers many exclusive features that make cleaning a breeze, such as the MyWay™ rack that allows for highly flexible stacking.


  • How can I tell when the Bosch dishwasher cycle is done when it is so quiet? There’s a time light that indicates how much time is remaining in your wash cycle.


  • Will guests hear the washer if I start the dishwasher while they are still partying? No. Instead of waiting until your party dissipates, just run the washer. No one will hear it.


  • Does the Bosch dishwasher have more loading space than other dishwashers? It has three racks that provide 30% more loading area and unprecedented loading capacity.


  • Are Bosch dishwashers ADA Compliant? Yes.


  • What are finishes does Bosch offer for its dishwashers? Stainless steel, black and white.

 Bosch Repair Pro appliance technicians are Bosch-certified and are held to the highest level of professional integrity. Our name equals our reputation and we are intent to remain Southern California’s foremost provider or appliance installation, repair and maintenance for the complete line of Bosch products.

Bosch can be highly discerning of the service providers they work with.  As Bosch offers extended warranties when work is provided by Bosch trained and certified home appliance repair technicians, such as the team we employ at Bosch Repair Pro.


 Bosch Repair Pro prides itself on answering all service calls within 24 hours. We realize that your Bosch appliances are run like the German-engineered machines they are, however, to keep them operating optimally it is a great practice to establish and maintain a regular maintenance schedule for your Bosch appliances. The old saying a that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies to Bosch appliance longevity as much as it does to anything else. When you adhere to a schedule of regular maintenance, it will invariably extend the operational life of your Bosch home appliances.

There will come a time when you need repair of your Bosch appliance. When you do, you can be assured that repair will fast and easy as Bosch Repair Pro technicians typically stock factory-original Bosch parts in our warehouse and service vehicles so that work on your Bosch appliance is done with one call and one visit to your home.